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Outer Alliance Podcast May 2011, from Gaylaxicon 2011

I was interviewed by Julia Rios at Gaylaxicon 2011 for her Outer Alliance podcast.  My interview starts at about counter 48 or 50.  As Julia describes the podcast:

“Warren Rochelle, Rob Gates, andCatherine Lundoff talk about the Spectrum Awards. Dennis Upkins talks about
Hollowstone and intersectionality in spec fic, Lee Martindale talks about Ladies of Trade Town and about being a straight ally, Sara Amis reads her poem from Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction (and then argues with her
16-year-old son about some of the things mentioned in the poem)… That’s not even close to all of the goodness in this episode.”

Fred Chappell, former Poet Laureate of North Carolina, wo-time World Fantasy Award-winner, wrote a review of my third novel, The Called (Golden Gryphon Press, 2010) that appeared in Bull Spec in the Spring 2011 issue.  Bull Spec is a science fiction and fantasy journal based in Durham, NC.  While Bull Spec does feature writers who live and work in North Carolina, its audience is national, and includes reviews of, and short stories by, writers known across the country.  To read Chappell’s review, click on this link:

The North Carolina Literary Review is an annual journal that features NC writers and artists and scholars, and publishes short stories, poems, and essays by and about North Carolina writers and their work.  Brett Cox wrote a review of The Called that appeared in the 2011 issue: NCLR 2011 Cox Review.  This review is available courtesy of the North Carolina Literary Review; layout design by Stephanie Whitlock Dicken and Dana Ezzell Gay.

In Apropos Literary Journal:

This interview appears in Apropos Literary Journal’s second edition, and can be viewed at