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Rochelle has written an interesting tale that starts with the closing of the gateway between the worlds of the humans and the faerie. When the door was closed, there were many changelings and now there is trouble brewing on Earth. The events depicted here lead up to the events of December 2012 and Rochelle has written an exciting and action packed novel.

Malachi and Hazel are half faerie and half of the tetrad with Russell and Jeff. Malachi and Hazel returned to Earth to help those left behind on Earth while Russell and Jeff remain in the White City. There are rumblings of problems that will affect not only the changelings, but the human race as well.

Magon, one of the Fomorii – enemy of the faerie, has come to earth and formed an alliance with radical religious extremists to destroy the changelings and anyone who gets in their way. President Gore’s government is overthrown and the extremists start their campaign to rid the world of their enemies.

Rochelle keeps his story set in North Carolina where Malachi has been kidnapped and Russell, Jeff and Hazel have joined forces with the Cherokee to rescue Malachi and prepare the world for what is to come in December.

There is plenty of action, personal and political backstabbing as no one knows who to trust. Rochelle ties in Cherokee and faerie myth along with the lost Roanoke Colony. This is a well written tale that has a cast of interesting characters and some unusual ideas about what to expect when the Mayan Calendar ends.

~Reviewed by Barry Hunter. The Baryon Review, July 2010.


Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) –

A fine take on the meeting of fantasy and reality, highly recommended,

October 16, 2010

This review is from: The Called: A Novel (Hardcover)

People fear the different, and making them understand is no easy task. “The Called” is a follow up to the novel “Harvest of Changelings” and follows four of the characters of that novel as they are pitted against the drawing Reconvergence, a potentially catastrophic event that occurs on December 21st, 2012. Facing persecution when they leave their home land, they struggle for acceptance while trying to stand off against the evil of the Fomorii. “The Called” is a fine take on the meeting of fantasy and reality, highly recommended.

5 stars

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