The Called

The Called by Warren Rochelle

IS OUT, just released, July 2010!
Hardcover, $24.95

Reconvergence: December 21, 2012
The four changelings from Harvest of Changelings, after vanquishing the Fomorii, settled in Faerie with the other changelings and learned to use their fey powers. On Earth, intolerance toward the “different” began to grow om a worldwide scale again. Sensing this, two of the four changelings, Malachi and Hazel, are called to return to Earth to help those who had not crossed over into Faerie. The other two members of their tetrad, Russell and Jeff, chose to remain in Faerie, thereby physically splitting their tetrad. On Earth, the Fomorii are hidden but influential, organizing humans into anti-magical groups, particularly in religions and government. As 2012 opens, the Fomorii become more active, kidnapping magicals, including Malachi, then using their human pawns in the US and state governments, and in the military, to overthrow the US and state governments in a military coup. Jeff and Russell return to Earth to re-unite with Hazel and gather allies to rescue Malachi. Their “army” includes Cherokee, Tlanuwa, Little People, Tuatha de Danaan, Talking Beasts — all those who are different and who oppose evil. Celtic “gods” fight one another over taking sides, as well as the inhabitants of Faerie. The ultimate goal: control the Gate to the universes between Earth, Faerie, and Fomorii before December 21, 2012 at 6:11 a.m. — the reconvergence.

Advance Critical Praise:

“It is delicious to read Warren Rochelle’s compelling new fantasy, The Called. Rochelle’s writing is strong and sure, and his maturity makes for a compelling continuation to his story of the intersection of the world of Faerie with the Piedmont South.”
-Jim Grimsley, author of The Ordinary, winner of the 2004 Lambda Literary Award in Science Fiction and Fantasy

“I didn’t so much read The Called as hang onto its trailer hitch for dear life as it sped through a hundred colorful ravaged parallel landscapes at the same time. Rochelle has given us a complex, exciting tale with a grand cargo of love, human and faerie. I finished this hurtling volume, dazed and nigh breathless.”
-Fred Chappell, two-time World Fantasy Award winner, author of I am One of You Forever

“The very best fantasy creates its own vivid world while casting new light onto a real one. Not only does The Called’s use N.C. geography in 2012, but its changelings and other spirit beings illuminate how today’s intolerant Americans can demonize and attack anyone different from themselves. Though battles rage between magicals and enemies all the way to the winter solstice, as in Rochelle’s previous novel, the power of love in its many forms can raise the dead, can overcome evil.”
-Doris Betts, winner of the North Carolina Medal for Literature and author of The Sharp Teeth of Love

“More than most fantasy novelists, Warren Rochelle understands that magic comes at a cost, and he significantly raises the genre stakes by setting his epic Faerie-vs.-Fomorri war in a vividly realized modern-day North Carolina that rings true, changelings and all. The Called is a scary, cautionary, sometimes heartbreaking thrill-ride. I hope only the good parts come true.”
-Andy Duncan, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Bethluthahatchoe and Other Stories

To read the prologue click here, and first chapter, click here.